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Bright Start recognises that in order to give children, whose means are limited, the very best chance of happy and successful lives you need to offer an holistic approach.  Our collaborate approach brings this all together. Helping get children into good schools is crucial enabled by corporate and private sponsorship, working closely with parents, we support disadvantaged children in and out of school, to ensure they are given every opportunity to reach their full potential

And it’s not only the children who benefit. The Bright Start Educational Support Programme changes the lives of entire families and effects change in the wider community of Hout Bay in Cape Town and beyond. Our children come from families in the townships of Hangberg and Imizamo Yethu, who value education and the opportunity for change that a good education offers. Their commitment to, and investment into the program, is an integral part of the success of any Bright Start child.

The UK team has direct contact and a fully transparent working relationship with the South African team. We provide coaching, guidance and monitor the progress of the programme through regular reporting. 


What we offer

Access to quality education

Bright Start has placed 36 children into a total of 11 fee-paying schools across Cape Town.

Academic & personal mentoring

Qualified mentors are on hand to support the children with any academic, social or personal challenges. Regular one-on-one meetings address issues.

Safe & reliable transport

The Bright Start bus gets children to school on time. We also transport them to out of school activities, the Bright Start office for homework sessions or meetings, to health practitioners and then drop the children home safely.

After school activities

Swimming, ballet, karate, music, soccer, plus extra academic support in Mathematics and Literacy.

Internet access

Children can do their homework from the office and use the internet.

Access to health facilities

Children can’t learn if they’re sick, in pain or can’t see properly. Our health practitioners kindly ensure our children are in tip top shape.

School uniform & stationery

Bright Start funds school uniform and stationery at the start of Grade 1  (primary school) and Grade 8 (secondary school).

Outings & birthday parties

It’s not all work! We love Bright Start children to experience the wonderful world they live in and to be able to welcome their school friends to celebrate their birthdays, like all children do.

Parental support

We help parents help their children by supporting them with workshops and mentoring.

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